Our editorial strategy

Ours, by now, is a consolidated vocation as an online information portal dedicated to companies and territories, to business and to the good PA, to research and innovation, to digital strategies, to young hopefuls and to Start-ups, to those Italians who manage to break through even abroad, to those who have good ideas that deserve success.

In a period of economic difficulty, economic information is linked to the business world, in our country, not Go to the services page will recognize spaces and visibility to those who propose innovative ideas and projects, but only to those companies and professionals who already have big groups behind them or that are already strongly established.

With Zeroventiquattro.it we believe that we ensure that economic and business-related information is also attentive to new realities, to small and medium-sized companies that know how to innovate both in production processes and in the commercial offer and in the approach to customers. Of course, without forgetting large companies and interesting territorial realities of any size.

The themes

We will not deviate much from previous years, we will always follow with great attention the Start-ups and Spin-offs and the most interesting youth initiatives, the activities of business incubators, quality agri-food, energy efficiency, alternative energies and related technologies, the environment, the sustainable economy, construction and sustainable development, smart cities, initiatives aimed and located in the South with an eye to the Mediterranean, innovation in the field of communication and business organization (Web 2.0 – Social Media Marketing – Social Commerce – Business Design), non-profit and volunteering, social, development and health policies.

Our mission

We believe that bringing supply and demand together is one of the most difficult missions to achieve, where possible, we will promote meetings between companies and potential customers, we will organize in-depth and knowledge meetings and we will participate, giving our support to a whole series of fairs, salons , workshops, round tables, and meetings that have this type of purpose.

An effective content marketing system and a versatile, vertical and varied network.

Zeroventiquattro.it is part of the portal and community system.

An efficient and effective content marketing system consisting of portals and web channels each with its own specialization: Micheledelledera.it (The director’s blog dedicated to strategies for the web, communication, the company), the information blog on art, food and wine Divinoediarte.com. All connected to the relative social channels of each portal.

We continue the partnership with vertical online portals and newspapers capable of deepening and amplifying sector information (of the various sectors).

Zeroventiquattro.it also offers companies and organizations single and one-off services such as: article marketing, editorials, interviews and video interviews and more.

We are not a mass newspaper, but a niche one. Our audience cannot be quantified numerically, but qualitatively. We have always fluctuated between 200 and 500 daily readers, our news is also taken up by Google News and other search engines. Zeroventiquattro.it is supported by an ecosystem of channels such as: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Telegram. We are often media partners of important events.

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